Mothers day gifts ideas for your African momma (gifts that keep on giving)

Mothers day gifts ideas for your African momma (gifts that keep on giving)

Our mothers huh, the everyday unsung heroes of our society, imbokodo zethu. They are all so different professionally, from street vendors to lawyers and doctors, and cleaners. Each with their unique personalities and way of parenting and disciplining, from a time out to a quick and very swift hit with whatever is in reach, I’m talking about even a shoe or the ever so multi-purpose wooden spoon. But they are all similar, in that they are amazing and as much we love them every day, we have this day to say thank you for it all and we all want to do it in a way that expresses our gratitude and love.

And our African moms (most) love practical gifts, I mean they are sentimental but they love a gift that has a purpose other than to show love, a gift that keeps on giving. Believe me, you don’t want to pull up at the townships with a bouquet of flowers. She most likely wants something she will use over and over or at least look at and never use, waiting for special occasions. So if yours is that kind then take a look at some ideas below for a perfect gift especially for your mom.

1. Tea set

Does your mom love her tea? If the kettle is always on at your home then your search ends here. Make her a tea gift set with a pretty tea set she will love and show off to her friends as they catch up and brag about y’all. Add some freshly baked biscuits, scones(recipe here), and her favourite tea.

2. Bubbles

Is your mom that ausi who likes the finer things in life? Stuff like bubble baths, bubble drinks in the tub then mzame with a nice bottle of bubbly and a fancy set of glasses and even a mirror tray if the budget permits, so she can bubbly in style, treasure the glasses even when the drinks are finished.

3. A new kitchen gadget

One of our mother’s superpowers is to make delicious and filling meals from very little. But if she is extra passionate about the kitchen, then get her a nice (set of) pan or a gadget like a slow cooker or pressure cooker, you know what she has been going on about wanting.

4. Braai set


Is she your family braai master and by that she makes you or your sibling do all the work while she monitors and calls all the shots, more of a master of those who actually braai? then hook her up with a braai set

5. Morning set

Winter is coming and you know it means ladies spending most of the day in morning gowns. So hook your momma up with a fresh set of cozy PJs, a morning gown, and a coffee mug, so she can enjoy some over-the-fence gossip in style if she is into that kind of a thing.

6. A new outfit

You ever hear some lady brag about something her child bought her and not understand what all the fuss is about? Hook your mom with a new church outfit and you will understand it, it’s like you are approving and thanking her parenting

7. Blankets


It’s almost winter and most of us are reaching for those long-forgotten blankets to warm us up. Just freshen them up for her add some nice conditioner, throw on a new one if you can she can never have too many blankets.

8. Full day pampering

Sunday mostly means cleanings, instead of resting and taking a break but she is always busy with blankets, curtains, and everything else in the house. Then give her a day off. A proper one,  make her some delicious breakfast, run a nice bath and, get her hair done.

9. Reach out

A simple text or WhatsApp message will brighten up her day. Let her know how amazing she is and how much you appreciate her will mean more to her picture on your status. This is especially good for those who have not been in touch with their mothers, reach out even if you’re not wrong moms are humans too.

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